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Hotspot - uneven distribution

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Hi, I really wonder, I'm already been assigned to the upper and bottom of point C in Hotspot map for over 6 times in a row. That's ok. What makes me furious is every time, the enemies on the other side of point C is always much stronger than my team, for eg, 1 tier 8 BB to battle 2 tier 9 BB, leading to instant death.. Why is this uneven distribution happening so frequent?

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It used to be even worse. Back in CBT, if you don't run fighters in Any kind of carrier, Good luck surviving for 5 minutes as the enemy carriers will go straight for you.


And if you do survived for 5 minutes, The enemy cruisers and DDs are here. So you're also dead.


What if you are not a carrier?


Well, if you are unlucky to get an "Underwhelming" team, you will find out that the other half of your team had disappeared and is nowhere to be seen.

Your only allies around you for some reason will automatically sunk in 2 minutes. After you are also sunk, the enemy will cap all the points and your other half of your team will probably appear after a couple of minutes that had happened. And then for even more absurd reason they will sunk in 2 minutes too.


So yeah, I am happy with it now.

It used to be Rubbis....No thats insulting Rubbish. Now it's "Only" bad.

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If it's always uneven, the chances are that half the battles you will be on the side with superior forces......


War is never fair.

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