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Using Curse with Division mates in WoWS

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I noticed that many aren't aware of how this actually works, so here's a brief explanation of what it does.


After registering with Curse (your Curse name does not have to be the same as your WG IGN) and installing its client, all you have to do is start the Curse client and the WoWS client (in no particular order). In WoWS, the Curse client will automatically hook up to your game client so you don't have to alt+tab or switch between windows or anything to use Curse.


Once Curse is hooked to the client, you can simply create a division and Curse will automatically create a VOIP session for your division and any division member using Curse will automatically join in. No further input required.


Personally, I still prefer using TS with my mates, especially if I want to talk with more than two people or with anyone who is not in-game with me. But for pick-up-groups, Curse makes it easier for you to communicate with your div mates especially if you don't have a common TS server that you and your div mates can use. In-game UI is easy to use, voice quality is good, and there wasn't any latency when I tried it out.


One considerable downside is that it's not actually part of the game client, you have to depend on your div mate to have the Curse client installed as well. So the success of its implementation depends on how popular its usage is among the player base. Another downside is that playing on ASIA there's a lot of different languages being spoken so it doesn't work as well with PUGs as it does on e.g. NA, though it should not stop you from looking for div mates who speak the same language as you do.


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Thanks for that.

But as someone who does not use TS( "She who must be Obeyed" has issues with me talkin to a game more than her......), is there any plan that your aware of to implement a "division" tab in the current in game chat box.

We have "All" and "team", surely not a big ask to add another?

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