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SuperTester Accrediting Thread!

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The more you play of World of Warships, the more you realize that Wargaming.net has managed to create something very special here. And i'm entirely serious here. When what is a very popular series of GPU's refused to obey the will of the devs and run WoWs, the maker of the said insubordinates repented and released drivers to make good! You don't get much more 'Street Cred' than that, do you?


To move ahead, have you heard of the V.I. Lenin Ch.N.P.P. Even if you haven't don't worry. Stuff from over there is possible already embedded into almost everything you've encountered in your life. You know, just like WG.net has embedded itself?

Now while WoWs is considerably better designed than the RBMK-1000's used over there (in retrospect), it has been implied that the amount of lethal radiation given off by the Big World engine far exceeds that measured above Ch.N.P.P.


The ones who worked in the cleanup following the Ch.N.P.P. incident- the emergency response personnel, the liquidators and the eventual caretakers of the surround who, for pop-culture reference like to call themselves 'Stalkers' (the movie/ 'Roadside Picnic') were courageous and dutiful, whom for some reason, don't really feature too often in discourse, but well, why look that far when we have our own SEA-biscuits to look up to.


Into this maelstrom of radiation, bias and micro-stuttering boldly march forward, our SuperTesters! (as styled correctly)

With great pride, they play the game for you in advance so that they may find bugs in the game and help its release state to reach a high level of balance and lack of bugs. In adddition to this hard work for which they have selflessly volunteered for by requesting their friends employed by WG to be allowed, they will also help you steer your opinions of WoWs and of WG.net as a whole to the correct course.


Not only do these people, the bold and the daring, suffer the privations and injuries that are involved in testing an as yet unfinished and poorly balanced game which has attained full release, but they also send messages from withing the maelstorm of these tests! Messages of the tiding of war and of unresolvable bugs, which are then purged.


Fellow comrades in free-loading! Will you just grind on with you sub-50% WR and do nothing to support these Bravehearts! Will you not support the efforts of these morally upright individuals?!?!

Nay, for you must align your goals to theirs, and to the greater goals of WG.net! For it is in there that the Greater Good lies, comrades!

You must break open the savings-bank with the flames of your card, and with your own hands, you must purchase the Doubloons, so that for one more day bread and cheese and small comfort may arrive in the houses of those that work for the Greater Good!


This eulogy was NOT sponsored by WG.net, but was created and published at the tacit necessity of adequately accrediting our beloved SuperTesters!

Let these unnoticed souls bask in what small glory may be showered by these mere words. In their modesty, they may shy away from your praise, but shower praise on them comrades, shower it on them and ignore the seasons!


If the standard means of education where you live is Spoon-Feeding, feel free to PM me.

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