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Some observations from a long term WoT player.

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Hi, I am a long term WoT player. Am enjoying this game as a refreshing change of pace. I am hoping that WG continues with what seems to be a genuine attempt to stop some of the serious issues that plague WoT affecting WoWs.


a)  I love the "ease into it" mode of classes 1-9. Slowly introducing new items this way seems the way to go. I especially love the ability to improve your ship and Capitan before having to take on people. Driving stock tanks in WoT seriously sucks, but is of course a deliberate strategy by WG. The need to improve your tank so its not food for others drives the research tree. However, the non-PVP mode allows the ability to come to the party with a competitive vehicle once you decide you want to.

b)  I was going to rave on about how the CVs require a bit of work, but I can see that that has been done to death already. The fact that people are discussing multiple flight levels and other tweeks to the aircraft is a bit scary though. As far as far as WG is concerned they only need to ask themselves one question. IS THIS A SHIP GAME OR A CARRIER GAME. It is obvious to some one who has observed the whole WoT artillery debate for years to see that straight away this is going to turn out the same way. In WoT about 50% believe that artillery ruins what would have been a good game, and 50% who appreciate the whole combined arms thing. Understand this is not going to go away, so I was surprised that carriers were considered at all. Of course it would be unrealistic not to include them, but neither game is remotely realistic, other than in the graphics department. Put quite simply, the ability for a carrier player to take out any particular player in their battleship is going  to be ruinous to the morale of BB players. Knowing that you could make some half-hearted attempt to evade, only to be attacked again and again is going to drive potential customers away. (Or drive them to play CVs instead, just like what happened when countless WoT players got into artie in a big way. Up to 5 arties per side, before the great artie nerf, made the game untenable).

c) Regarding point b), this next bit is vital - XVM ruined WoT for a lot of players. For those of you who don't know of it what it does is tell people in-game how good you are. As a result, good players get penalised by becoming the targets of choice, with artie making their lives a misery. As a result, to be competitive, players started adopting XVM. Knowing that I will be targeted instead of the easier target to my right or left because some on the other team know that I have a higher WR is a game breaker. Whereas WoT players can minimise this, WoWs players will have few options. There is no cover to hide behind, and little that can minimise the effect. Once XVM becomes common, you can expect that your enemy, especially CV players, will target YOU. If someone rated as "good" consistently sees bombers passing up opportunities, and targeting you remorselessly, it WILL suck the fun out of the game, especially with BB players. At least DD and CA players will not be as greatly effected.

d) The domination mode is a bit dodgy. The team that wins is simply the team that has the players that know how it works. Game after game is lost when teams sit back and let the circles be taken. Game after game I see 5+ ships sitting on one circle, unaware that it makes no difference how many are on the circle. Also, if you attempt to stop the enemy, then charging off to "Reset cap" just aids the enemy team, who kill you and add even more points to their score. The distances and speed also add to the chore. Other modes work fine.

e) blue lining has also been done to death, but I will mention it for the most obvious reason - If WG is not seen to stamp it out fast, and I mean NOW, then it will damage player enjoyment, and lead to the toxic environment so obvious on WoT.


All in all great game. Just JUMP on third party mods FAST. Aimbots, and XVM will ruin this game for many if not acted upon.

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Some really good observations there Flemboy!


XVM would be a disaster for this game! In tanks arty relies on someone else spotting, but in ships CV's can do this better than anyone else. Giving a CV information about priority targets on the enemy side will seriously disadvantage a BB commander who is good. Though as you point out CV's are not such a threat to CA's and DD's but I don't think anyone would like to see the game sideline BB's, especially those players who excel with these ships.


I am not quite so onboard with the sentiment about domination mode, "The team that wins is simply the team that has the players that know how it works." Should not the team that wins be the better team and would knowing how the game mode works be one of the things that defines a better player?

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Hence why in my suggestion the focus for CVs should be aerial superiority instead of bombing.

In addition to that recon operations should be more important, too.

One of the issues with this is how scouting currently works ingame.


Theoretically CVs would only gain exp for the initial spotting, since ships will quickly enter other ship's

vision range.

Scouting hard to spot targets like DDs on the other hand won't net much exp due to their low health.


I'm assuming that WG already has plans for both CVs andnew/revisioned mechanics,

however right now all we can do is wait.



It's a useful stats program to determine one's weaknesses, but atm I don't see much use for it since the game

will probbly go through several minor and major changes.

Hence why I prefered the way it was in WoT's early days, without any kind of statistics to work with.


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Sorry I try to play this game, try to get involved, try to log in.

No............ I need to update the game every time at the end of a WoT session and with the current download speed I cannot get in for hours.

Keep it stable for a couple of days at a time....... please!

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I don't have any issues with updating, probably your ISP

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