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Game stuck on loading screen also crashes alot

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So i recently just downloaded this game as i originally started at WOT



anyways logged in clicked co op battle, and it loads 3/4 stuck on the members/mission page(loading screen) i cant seem to load in, however i can see them moving on the mini map,


now i recently had my computer formatted a few days ago, so i know everything up to date including graphics, and my pc is more then capable to handle it, Its really strange i mean why can't i even play my first match,

i had to hard restart 5 times as task manager wont come up and it just freezes,


now I am getting a critical error occurred , when I try to close the game, its weird I actually got into a game but could not control the ship camera was stuck, on top left I had 70 ping and 4fps what a joke, even on low settings I get nothing. I have sent a ticket to support, but wondering if others have experienced similar problems



I done a dxdiag report and uploaded below

also getting critical error

Attached File   DxDiag.txt   29.66K Critical error.png



great now port background is just black , now bits and pieces in all aspects of the ui seem to be either loading or missing, click battle = crash/freeze


Critical error.png

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Looking at the dxdiag log file... hardware seems very up to scratch (that's good!). I'd suggest updating the nVidia GPU driver (here's a quick link) in fresh install mode and go from there.

Otherwise something's not quite right. The 7xx series of GTX cards should be able to run WOWS without problem.


Only other thing I can think of is memory corruption or a bad driver; but try an update of the driver and go from there.

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