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Visuals: Regarding the wrecks of enemy/allied ships...

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Just a little observation...


Regardless where your ship is on the map when you die, your ship will sink regardless. For example, run ashore and get turned into scrap. Your ship will clip into the beach and the shallow seafloor. That's okay, because it gives the impression it's capsizing, but I was thinking like this: What if the ship in shallow water capsized and stayed there but in open water, it sunk to the depths of that area?


Okay, I know people are going to say "but then the hitbox will collide with the other ships and make them stop dead in their tracks". True, that's if the server-side collision box was kept on. What if they turned off the collision as soon as the ship stopped sinking, so that if the ship's hull is sticking out, you just clip through it (much like the buoys that mark the perimeter of the capture zones)?


This is just visual. I'm not sure what the server does with ships after they've sunk under the water visibility area, does the server keep "sinking" them or does it get to a certain depth and stay there (ie. you have a water "floor" of the map, then a "real floor" where everything stays on the bottom of the map).


Just curious to know how the ships sink, that's all.

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