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Vulnerability of USN Atlanta to steering damage

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I find that I get a lot of steering disabled hits in the Atlanta. Almost every hit disables the steering. Almost every other hit kills a turret.


This happens far in excess of what it does on other ships and with hits which arent even near the steering gear. ie mast gets hit steering is disabled, funnel cops one, bingo no steering.


Im wondering if this is an error because it just happens so frequently, last night 4 or 5 times in a game with a turret knocked out for good measure.

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Working as intended.. The Atlanta is just an over sized Gearing with lots of guns not to mention the Atlanta is a Light Cruiser and at tier 7 at that..


I wouldn't be surprised if all of the guns in the Atlanta were knocked out..


lets just say it's a balancing factor since the Atlanta has a high RoF and can just spam HE on any ship :D

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