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Who has the better Secondary Arnaments?

Secondary Arnamaents  

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  1. 1. Which Secondaries are Better?

    • Cruisers?
    • Heavy Cruisers?
    • Fast Battleships?
    • Battleships?
    • Super Battleships?
    • Aircraft Carriers?

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No CVs?


I have witnessed on so many DDs are finish off by the "Supposingly" hopeless CV in CQB.


You know, because Reasons.

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Hardly matters, does it?


Most of the time at lower tiers they can't hit something 2km away, and higher tiers end up with no guns because of massed HE spam.


Secondary guns are one of the least relevant aspects of a ship in terms of practical game effects IMO.

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My Pensacola has the secondaries battery upgrade....why you ask:


  • Shooting down planes does not reward you in any measurable way (unless you shoot down 30 and get clear skies award), every extra bit of damage you deal to ships = more exp and silver.
  • CA's like the Pensacola have slower turning turrets and longer reloads, if you are surprised by DD's at awkward places, the seondary battery upgrade (+accurracy), plus advanced firing training boosts your secondary range to 6.5km, and can deal some decent damage to the destroyers before they launch torps and may well incapacitate their modules.
  • CA's are fast enough to close in on DD's in close quarters knife fights, and can easily evade torps launched at them, while you can deal the pain with your main and secondary guns.
  • In any close quarter CA/CL fight you find yourself in, you can focus on using AP while the secondaires light up the enemy on fire :P
  • There has been a lack of CV's in game from my view, so why not use something that will be more usable?
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For now, Yamato got the best secondary, and than Iowa/Montana.


Btw, you forget about the DD


DDs dosen't have secondaries you know, just Torpedoes.

If you seen KTKM in the game its gonna be a deadly match

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