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An apology to the Ranked players who got paired with me.

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Since the release of patch or whatever it is now i have been getting interested in ranked battles, i have had some fun games but i would like to apologize to anyone who has played with me on their team, as since the patch i have about a 1 in 15 chance of not loading while waiting for battle (only noticed this in ranked queue). i realize that i should have stopped playing ranked due to this but i was hoping that it could be fixed, i have tried to fix it but nothing i can think of helped, so, I apologize to anyone who might have been playing with me and was frustrated at me for being AFK, i wish you luck in future battles.

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First of all I don't believe an apology should be warranted at all, this game is open to anyone who is interested in playing it, and Wargaming.net will graciously take your money either way. *Wink Smiley* As for the players, well, there isn't a man in the room who doesn't want to win, or be on the side of the team that is the eventual winner. But all of us are quite aware that all battles are open to all players regardless of their experience...and that's the way it should be.


But here's the thing, every player should be able to assess on their own if they believe they are good enough to play PvP battles and Ranked battles, I have a good understanding that I have only been playing for a couple of months for example, and therefore I kinda suck by default. I tried out Ranked Battles twice...and yeah I sucked, and I've played about maybe 50 battles on the PvP server...and yep I still suck in that situation. So at the moment I still play PvE battles mostly, playing the few PvP battles HAS however improved my PvE experience though which is interesting.


Apologies? Mate really that is only necessary when you put a torp or full broadside into a friendly unit, and frankly if guys are giving you flak for being a new player, then I would say it is those that need to assess their attitudes and performance and not you.


Cheers all:honoring:



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