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Mysterious plane kills

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Issue: Shooting down "Phantom" planes without actually engaging or spotting enemy aircraft

Screenshots: Have a replay instead
Ship: Hiryu
Map: Two Brothers 
Occurrences: Random
Tested: Tried. Failed to reproduce.
Severity: Game breaking
Details: Title should be self explanatory. If you watch the replay, there are plane kills being counted albeit not engaging any planes nor there are planes around my vessel (sometimes, there were no enemy planes visible on the map but still shooting down planes). The result was 47-ish planes killed at the end of the match.


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I have had the opposed problem .... my fighter planes got killed by phantom planes .... 

My fighters squadron kept getting shot down once they take off from the CV when my CV is far away from any ships.

It happens quite often and I am suspecting it is due to my squadron using manual fighter firing. It never happens before the manual firing control of fighters released. It happens after my squadron using manual firing and get killed by enemy planes/ships, after that until the end of the match, that squadron will constantly get attacked and killed whenever it is airborne.

It only happens to my fighters but not torp/bombers.


p.s.  I can have like e.g. squadron 3 getting killed unlimited times when there are fighters replenishing the squadron. It doesn't stop even if the original 6 planes got wiped out.

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