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There are many achievements in this game for us to unlock,some of them being easy, and some being rather hard to get.

One of the most difficult achievement I've got was the "Double Strike" achievement.

I got it when I was still using a Tier 2,the IJN Destroyer Umikaze.

Me and a few other destroyers rushed into the pocket area (if you don't know what I'm talking about,you should watch this video,it's really helpful. )


Came across two enemy destroyers sailing together,but quickly lost sight of them because of the smoke.

Decided to dump torpedoes blindly.




Let's see how others got this achievement xD Share your story here.

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I was on Solomon Islands in my Bogue with a 110 loadout, and sent my Torpedo bombers across to support our weakest flank against what appeared at the time to be a single Wyoming. As the run started a hidden Minekaze appeared trading paint with my intended target. With no room to effectively manoeuvre, and just enough time to reorient my manual drop, I got both of them.


Unfortunately I wasn't running video capture software are the time, just the in game replay recording which isn't great for aircraft carrier gameplay, so the change in drop locations doesn't show. Also not shown I how I lost it in teamspeak at my clanmates when I realised the Minekaze couldn't escape.

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