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"Researching" Premium Ships, and one that was nulled out?

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I was looking at a few of the ships that appear as "Premium" ones when you use the "Extended Tech Tree" from Aslain's ModPack for WOWS. Some interesting things ensue:


Let me make clear the following:

  • This is NOT an exploit. The mod only extends the tech tree so you can see what ships WG have implemented to date (maybe even upcoming ones?)
  • From what I understand as a hobby game developer, the ships "exist" in the game, but are hidden in the UI Tech Tree (for whatever reason WG decided to).
  • This will NOT get you free ships.
  • Researching the premium ships DOES NOTHING, infact the game will display a broken "Research the ship for ?" which likely means that there's no research cost defined in the files (on the tech tree, the research cost is 0). Clicking Yes on that prompt plays the "Researched" sound effect, but nothing else will happen.


Screenshots showing, for example, Mikasa being able to be "researched":




Also, as a bonus, it seems Kitakami has been nulled out in the game. Potential spoiler alert?


EDIT: When I took the original screenshot, the modules said (null). But it seems that if you view a ship BEFORE you view Kitakami, she "adopts" modules from the previous ship you viewed. Now that's an interesting ship (likely a visual code bug).


If an Wargaming administrator feels I am breaking the TOS using the extended tech tree mod, then I will cease using it. I do not wish to get my account banned, but in my eyes this is not a bannable offence - the mod shows ships that may be coming or have been withdrawn from service in-game.




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Ahhhh~ I remember Kitakami ingame. delicious citadel, exp and ka-ching.


And the inevitable torpedo in your face (and teammates)...
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Looks like someone used the same mod to look at all the Soviet DDs and German CAs in thats live in NA and EU

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