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the Hiryu carrier

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Frankly, I don't really find flat tops that scary as ships but what made them really scary and formidable was because of their insane force projection. No joke. Although this is my first carrier herpaderp however.


If the battleship IS the force, the aircraft carrier has the ability to project battleship level force anywhere in its radius, and this so-called radius isn't a small area, it can cover an entire country or a small archipelago of islands just by being there, and Japan had some of these force projecting carriers.






Nothing in my sense can have me go "OH MY GOD I AM ACTUALLY STANDING ON A CARRIER DECK HOLY CRAP" or anything else regarding those lines for that matter but the carrier is basically a floating runway to me and technically it has been. But carrier construction wasn't all that anticipated as they were the proponents of plane spam I mean the GLORIOUS AIR SUPERIORITY AND FORCE PROJECTION OF THE ALMIGHTY FLAT TOP because to tell you the truth, Yamato wasn't the 'end' to the battleship era when she had her final run during Ten-Go, it was the annihilation of Force Z's Prince of Wales that heralded the end of the gun warship warfare and carriers started getting chucked as the newest capital ships that bring glory. The carrier Hiryu was one of them.


Practically a souped up version of Soryu, she had improved stuff like the island getting high up, a small increase in beam, chucking more armor on the flight deck and her hull getting stronger than her big sister. All that was done as she was in the flippin slipway because... well... there some wonky issues with the ships when they YOLO'd right into a stronk typhoon such as being too top heavy which may have... problems (Fuso's pagoda mast for example), structural integrity and hulls getting messed up and it was during some of their ships that accidentally YOLO'd themselves right in the storm had Ryujo losing her island because apparently something went wrong and if I remember correctly, the thing got 'torn off' during the tumbling. Imagine putting a newly made model ship in a washing machine and turning it to heavy duty. If you want a fleet that YOLOSWAG'd right into the storm, Halsey found first taste at how the storms in APAC aren't the same storms over at NA. Had about 6 inches of belt, about an inch or two of deck and all the stuff like plane fuel and the ordnance such as plane MG rounds or specialized bombs getting about 2 inches below deck. From what I could grab, she had about 70+ planes that had A6M Zeroes for fighters, D3A Vals for strike bombers and some B5N Kates for torpedo bombers with the addition that she could run in the water at about 35 knots which is kinda fast for a normal carrier. One thing that was interesting for her and her big sister is that their islands are located on the right whereas the older carriers like Akagi and Kaga had their islands on the left.






And this guy, Yamaguchi Tamon, was her CO. Not that much if you'd see the portrait but still a solid officer that had his tenure on several ships. I'm pretty sure as a carrier officer he was insanely skilled on level with Yamamoto who was solid in his own right. Was said to be admiring the pale glow of the moon as he decided to go down with the ship right when she suffered a severe whacking and had to be abandoned and there are plenty of arts of the shipgirl iteration and him.


Hiryu, along with her big sister, formed the CV Division 2 and was one of the carriers that launched planes in the attack on Pearl Harbor and likely lost a few planes during that attack, and was one carrier that was eager to launch another wave but Nagumo went all nope.avi on that thought thinking it was a bit impractical and was also thinking of the wing losses that might increase when said third wave strikes which may leave them with a Pyrrhic Victory eventually since the strike already had the Americans up and able despite being stabbed in their sleep. Afterwards she provided air cover with her strike aircraft and combat air patrols which also had the luck of shooting down some aircraft including PBY Catalinas who were acting as eyeballs to find the fleet as well as participating in the Indian Ocean raid which proved a decisive victory to Japan and was diverted to find the carriers where the Doolittle raiders had launched from in a short game of tag. Then she was called to run in Midway... well... which was her last run along with her other carrier colleagues.


Midway in a nutshell: Welcome to Midway Atoll, where a carrier free-for-all is about to brew and everyone plane spams each other to submission.




Although she contributed to the air power of the Japanese fleet, she was eventually detected and was immediately chucked with planes from the US carriers, some of them initially almost... almost had a clean run but was shot down by her CAP loitering in her airspace but despite the amiable CAP in the air, she got whacked hard. So hard that she had a huge hole on her deck from the Dauntlesses that actually got through and dropped possibly some 1000 lb bombs.




You want carrier brutality, you get carrier brutality. She was still practically floating though despite the fact that she was attempted to be scuttled. Now that is one hard ass carrier.




It was just crazy. This meant that the carrier is basically disabled and can do nothing. she still was subjected to spamming while she was still having a barbecue on her deck which reached her internals and pretty soon after she went dead in the water with a huge ass hole on her deck. Deeming the ship was virtually damaged beyond repair (dahell made that decision, the freakin carrier was still FLOATING. She can be towed although this runs the insanely high risk of being attacked again as this was underway, she was still serviceable... kinda), they decided to scuttle her and Tamon remained in the ship as it was to sink, again with the notion that he was admiring the moon on her messed up deck. As she was still there refusing to sink, some planes from the first carrier Hosho found her there still floating and it was about late in the morning she finally gave up and went under.


Well damn, that is one dramatic ship to sink. Took a while, yes, but still a dramatic way to sink.


In-game wise, she's a carrier I am most wary of because her strike loadout ensures that whatever target she is hellbent on killing WILL actually die if no cruisers are there to screen her and from what I can see, her plane service time means her force projection is still very much there.




Here's the last art of the CO with his carrier.


That is all.


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