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Is there any interest in a community run friendly competition league.

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Hi All,

I've been toying with the idea of creating or trying to organise SEA community events, initially in the english community, and am wondering how much interest there are from people (so if its worth spending more time on organising). I've seen that the European servers are about to run the Sea Rats competition, which gave me the initial idea, although I much prefer a more social sports versus olympic sports take on that sort of thing.


So my current thoughts are along the lines of how the Ranfurly Shield works in domestic New Zealand rugby. Essentially, the idea would be that premade divisions (clans, friends, family, whatever) register in some central place that they are interested in playing games. Team leaders can then challenge each other to friendly games with some to be defined rule set, and we can record the results the the same central place. How what I am tentatively calling the Backwater Cup would work is that whenever whoever currently is in possession of the Cup is challenged, that match becomes a cup defense. If the challenger wins, then they become the new owners of the Backwater Cup. If the defender wins, they get to retain the cup and another win for them is marked on the central site. The idea becomes, how long can you hold onto the cup for? This could work even if there were other tournaments started up and two teams in the Backwater Cup competition came up against each other.


Note: Unlike the sea rats tournament, I'm not proposing that there are any prizes for the playing in the Backwater Cup.


So the main things I need to work out before I do any more work in this are:

  1. Is this something that people would be interested in being a part of?
  2. If people are interested do they represent, or could organise, a division of (probably 7-8) players to play?


As a bit of background on me, prior to World of Warships I was one of the community representatives for the oceanic server in Planetside 2 to the community run Planetside Battles organisation. The community matches in that game are between 192 and 280 players per team, organised across multiple time zones, of which it was my responsibility (along with 2 - 4 others) to facilitate force organisation creation across 20+ outfits (aka, guilds or clans), organise meetings for the force commander, platoon leaders and squad leaders, as well as get the administration paper work done to get the accounts used and a whole host of other things. I'm also in an gaming community that would put in at least one premade division for something like this.





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I think without some kind of incentive (apart from a superficial trophy) the idea of a community league competition holds little weight at best.


The only reason why I could see this being pursued at all is to attract members to join clans, a feature that has not been given a definite addition date yet.

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Can't really say I like the idea of installing a mod just to fix something that WG should have implemented ages ago, which would make such events possible.


Might be worth waiting a bit until WG has finally implemented things like clams and training rooms, which would make organising this sort of thing much easier.

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