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A letter to the WOWS operations team

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     I am a WOWS player, starting from WOWS to play 2015.07.12, for this I also buy VPN services to optimize the network environment WOWS this often, WOWS this game is very good, often let me a play can not stop, I also have a lot to buy VIP services to play games, and I have developed a Japanese 8 class cruiser.
Is such a fun game, but there is a drawback that I can not stand! This is the collapse of the ground! There are so many times I was with the enemy ships are fighting, and the game program but at this time suddenly collapse! When I was back in the game, I found my ship was sunk! This problem is not the end of a two time, but often occurs! Such a large network game actually occurs from time to time the game crashes! The problem has caused me a lot of damage!
    And since the 0.4.1 update, there are many small problems, such as: the Chinese input method from time to time after entering the battle can not switch.
I am writing this letter to inform the WOWS operations team: please fix this as soon as possible to make the WOWS game process crash!! And I believe that this problem is more than just one of my players!
    I attached to this problem when the pop-up dialog box, my computer configuration, my all of the program is the latest driver, the problem is not questioned, the system is WIN7,.
    This letter uses Baidu to translate into English, Japanese, a total of three issued. And your email address is hard to find in the Chinese language interface. If there is a discrepancy in the meaning of the meaning of the Chinese language.


Hi, please contact Support with a ticket if you are having technical problems. Please do not create duplicate posts in different sections of the forum.

Duplicate topic. Topic locked and moved to locked thread archive.





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