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SMS Fürst Bismarck (1897)

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Alpha Tester
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No this is not the more famous battleship of WWII this is the armoured cruiser from 44yrs earlier.

The reason I am making a post about this ship is to just show what is going to be missed as it would appear 'no' armoured cruisers of WWI will be making it into the game (happy for anyone to tell me other wise).

SMS Fürst Bismarck (1897) is as I mentioned one of a large number of armoured cruisers that served in WWI but with the British introducing the battlecruiser were outclassed in ever way to this new type of ship. However they where still used by most large nations of WWI.

SMS Fürst Bismarck (1897) had an armament of.

main 4x 9.4inch 40cal

2nd 12x 6inch 40cal

3rd 10x 15 1/2 pdr

4th 14x 1pdr

torpedo tubes forward and aft

Top speed of 19kts


8" belt (amidships)

4" belts (ends)

2" deck (flat on belt amidships)

8" barbettes and turret and conning tower

4" secondary guns

as an older armoured cruiser her wartime was spent briefly as a coastal defence ship. She proved inadequate to this task, and so she was withdrawn from active duty and served as a training ship for the rest of the war.

but there are other more modern armoured cruiser which worked in WWI that will not get a run in this game. fitting them into a tech tree maybe the problem, I'm not sure but I see no reason why (at a later date maybe) these could not enter the game, even as a low level premium. please consider this WG :great:



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Alpha Tester
1,009 posts
6,312 battles

thought I might start a bit of an armoured cruisers list.

HMS Minotaur was the lead ship of the Minotaur-class armoured cruisers built for the Royal Navy. completed 1908, 3 ships

HMS Warrior, 4 ships completed 1907.

HMS Duke of Edinburgh, 2 ships completed 1905/06

HMS Cressy, 6 ships completed 1901/03. all these classes have main guns of 9.2inch 45 cal

SMS Blucher, 1 ship completed 1909.

SMS Scharnhorst 2 ships completed 1907

SMS Roon 2 ships completed 1905/06

SMS Prinz Adalbert 2 ships completed 1903 all have main guns of 8.2inch

SMS Furst Bismarck

USS Tennessee 4 ships of 1904/06 4x 10inch main guns

USS California 6 ships completed 1905/07 4x 8inch main guns

IJN Kasuga 2 ships of 1902/03 4x 8inch main guns

the list goes on with many other nations i'll put in more later





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