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Captains skill dilemma

4th tier USN DD captain skill?  

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  1. 1. Which skill?

    • Last Stand
    • Advanced firing Training
    • Demolition expert (HE spamming)

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Beta Tester
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After reading DeathSkyz post on the Captains skills I've got to the dilemma of the 4th tier skill for my USN DD captain

Is it more worth it to pick Last stand or Advanced Firing Training?


Last Stand:

Pros: USN DD's like all DD's have fragile modules and will periodically experience rudder or engine knockouts, and that is not good when you need to get out of a sticky situation fast, also when going for torpedo runs that last thing you want is a damaged engine or rudder after you just repaired it from a lucky secondary shell hit. Plus USN DD's have less camo to fall back on if hit and disabled so being able to run, albeit at reduced ability is better than not being able to at all?

Cons: If your engine gets knocked out at close range to the enemy, running at low capacity will not help, you're screwed anyways so waste of 4 points?


Advanced Firing Training:

Pros: Guns are the USN DD's primary weapon choice, plus they have decent AA for such ships (plus AA bombard ability in next patch) so anything to help the DD's fire at longer ranges and stay hidden/invisible is a plus.

Cons: USN DD's have guns which fire rather high arcs and make it difficult to judge the lead on far targets, you may well need a massive lead for anything past +10km which could easily move out of the way before the shells land, so is it worth having a skill that will may have low hit rates? Plus increased AA firing range may not be useful for DD's that need to stay stealthy?

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Alpha Tester
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Last stand has saved my bacon in the two battles I've had since I put it on (admittedly a Japanese DD). Would think it's a must for DDs as you still maintain a surprisingly large amount of maneuverability and speed with the modules incapacitated. 

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Alpha Tester
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The last stand save my back from rudder malfunction

I can stick with damaged engine, but certainly not the rudder

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Personally I prefer the Advanced Firing Training.

Chances are I won't be hit as long as I actually focus on playing the game,

hence I don't really need the scapegoat skill.


Additionally my playstyle with DDs is greatly enhanced by every 100m of range I can get.

Heck, I'd say that my gun firing range is the most vital component of my playstyle.

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Super Tester
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Id take last stand, as I did for IJN. Being a US DD though, the extra change for fire damage from shots could be nice as well. It is a tough call.

Down to your play style though, if you don't take engine/rudder hits often then take the Advanced Fire Training.


If you do take a bit of engine/rudder hits, then its obvious what to select.

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