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for wargaming.net.
why there is always an imbalance tier arrangement in the battle ship ..? if your server is damaged. or you are still too dumb to be a regulator of the fighting game. as well as vessel type formations. If on one hand there are aircraft carrier, the other side must be some aircraft carrier. please do not frivolous game set, or should be closed only this asia server. do not make it just as a server garbage.

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Why is the matchmaker for BBs always unbalanced?

Is it a server-side issue or are you too inexperienced to maintain a videogame?
This also includes CV matchmaking.
If one team has a CV then the other team should have one, too.
Please take this issue seriously as it's a major problem.


Dear, Rahmat_Memet,


the above mentioned situation where one team has a CV while the other one doesn't will be fixed in the upcoming patch (0.4.1).


As for your issues with the BB matchmaking I assume you're writing about lower tier BBs meeting far higher tiered ships.

I will theorise that the majority of your problem is directly in front of the computer you're operating.

And thus I would like to suggest you to adapt your playstyle in such situations accordingly.




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The CV tier Difference in number and tier will be fixed at next massive update, and for the other ship...

I ever facing Iowa and Taihou in a battle (while no one have tier 9 ship, my ship was Aoba)

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