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Planes stuck on nothing

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Issue:   My fighter squadron was stuck on an enemy squadron. It wasn't taking damage from the enemy squadron, nor was it inflicting damage on it. It was taking damage from ships below, however.

Screenshots: Attached below
Ship: Langley
Map: Big Race
Occurrences:  It has occured once, maybe twice, so far.
Tested: No.
Severity: As the bug appears to be sporadic, it doesn't stop me from playing. But as a Langley captain, having my sole fighter squadron stuck and unresponsive can have a major effect on my game.
Details:  On Big Race, while captaining the Langley, I ran into an issue where an enemy fighter squadron had mine tied up, and even though it was down to two fighters, it would not die. My fighters too took next to no damage from the enemy fighter squadron, but continued to take damage from the ships beneath them. I realized that despite the enemy squadron having only two fighters left, there were still six enemy fighter models in the air. Later on in the game, my teammate's own fighter squadron came and downed the remaining two fighters, but my squadron remained stuck. My ally's own fighter squadron was fine though. The minimap still registers that the enemy fighter squadron is still present, and that my fighters were engaged in combat with it, and on closer inspection there were still six enemy fighter models in the sky.


I also encountered a similar bug, though I wasn't in the Langley. I was in my Gremayschy, and I came across a Zuiho at close range on New Dawn. His own bombers were stuck in their landing animation. I attached a screenshot of his bombers stuck just above water level as well.






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