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Separation of platoon members in game

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I guess somebody has already whined about this, 


there are few maps in the game that divide one team into 2 corner of the map in the beginning,

which I think is FINE.


However, if this is going to exist, the dividing of a team should really consider platooning gamers.

When you platoon, you are meant to work closer together comparing to other random teammate, however the current dividing RNG tend to separate one platoon in different corner, which really need to be improved for a "teamwork" game.


This is not only on this kind of division map. In normal map, constantly the platoon are separate on the two end of a team, which is also not preferable for platoon players.

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Counter argument, division members are filthy damage hoggers and kill stealers, hence I prefer having them as far away from me as possible.


I don't mind spawning next to Haku though, he's like comix... proudly wearing that "arty shoot me first" badge. :coin:

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there are no Platoons in WoWS!!


I believe the term you are looking for is Divisions!!!


Welp, leng, I have to say that when I first play WoWS, CBT long ago, I ask my friend that's a beta tester, wanna platoon?

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