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HMS Exeter (68)

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as I was checking on the York cruisers, one cruiser particularly caught eye of how lulzy she had her run until going under.






the flippin York heavy cruisers aren't super terribad for designs as the Brits tend to emphasize more solid ships such as capital ships and cruisers but at the cost of having their workhorses a bit off but still incredibly stalwart, but Exeter I can say had her run that had... interesting things where she was blasted by Graf Spee so hard that she had to run back to port for repairs and retrofit (and funnily enough, Graf Spee accidented herself lolwat), got whacked again at the first brawl at the Java Sea and saw HMS Electra that was covering her ass go under and met her last run when she was greeted by the Myoko sisters and their escorts. well that was one run I think that deserves the entirety of "OH SHIT" in its fullest.


the York cruisers were solid built and had a couple of 8 inch guns in three dual mount turrets, a couple of 4.7 inch guns for secondaries, quadmounts of Vickers MG's acting as short range AA guns, triple mount tubes packing 21 inch torpedoes and later on had Bofors added on. they can run at about 32 knots and about 30-ish if really full and were protected with a belt armor of 3 inches and mostly all else save the citadel and magazine that had about 5 inches or so had an inch or more of armor although in Exeter's case, she had additional plating bolted on as well as other hax installed. well... that was as solid a heavy cruiser the Brits had made can go since they can't really do squat because they too were affected hard by the Naval Treaties aka the Great Battleship Nerf as well as the Navy Nerf (again, had it not been there, the arms race is going to run faster and we might see the standard battleships like North Carolina way earlier and Amagi as a battlecruiser being realized. this is inclusion of the fact that plane spam carrier projecting force is still being studied and actually achieved full derp when the Brits paid a surprise visit at Taranto with a housewarming gift of torpedoes and bombs and Japan did the same to Pearl Harbor as well)


her first run wasn't that spectacular since she was mooring and bored until WWII happened in the first year because Hitler went "I liek Poland. gib me Poland" and formed an intermediate battlegroup alongside fellow cruisers Ajax and Achilles at South America to blast the living crap out of a Deutschland cruiser that was there to be a commerce raider (strangely enough, I think there were some that argued she was there at South America long before the war began so she can be in a position to troll supply convoys). one funny thing that when they found her, they didn't react that fast enough but were all "OMG ITS THE SCHEER! BLAST IT BLAST IT BLAST EEET!" although it was strange because the Deutschland's name was Admiral Graf Spee, not Admiral Scheer. it this was in-game, the Deutschland is going to cry hard because despite having the biggest guns on a cruiser (11 inch guns = battlecruiser grade guns for Germany), she had only two turrets in triple mounts and she was facing a heavy cruiser and two cruisers for that matter but IRL wise, she was also one of the few capital ships Germany had whilst the hunter-killer team were workhorse ships and even if the cruisers go under, so long as the pocket battleship is invalidated, they can consider it a win for them although the pocket battleship blasted them to oblivion. Exeter blasted it but was in turn blasted by Deutschland, whacking her turrets, comms and reducing her speed to about 18 knots as she limped back to base to repair and retrofit... and for a time, she was THE most hax cruiser on the sea from the Brits. a strange thing however is that eventually after whacking Exeter, the captain of Graf Spee had the ship commit suicide and was said to make Hitler rage since the cruiser at Montevideo, Uruguay was let to believe that there are more coming and that the cruiser barely has enough munitions to blast her way through and she would still need to run to the North where the possibility of the Home Fleet was waiting to greet her.


then Japan had their housewarming party that stunned the US and fearing for the whole "I liek your island. can I has it?" by Japan towards the territories in APAC region they controlled, she was sent there with a new captain since the old one... well... had a chat wit the big guy up above after getting hax and finishing her tenure as convoy escort and one of the hunter-killer teams for Bismarck and was part of the ABDACOM fleet that got whacked at the first slugfest at Java Sea where she took an 8 inch shell and began to ran when the destroyer Electra went down covering her sorry ass. that... and she probably saw Haguro sinking De Ruyter along with the CO for the entire ABDACOM fleet that had to run after the whacking.



if the Myoko class had shipgirls onboard, THIS might be the most accurate thing to be seen when they saw Exeter running towards a nearby base two days later and promptly blasted her along with her escorts during the second battle of the Java Sea.


to be fair, the Myokos were practically some of the very solid cruisers Japan had at the time (well... I wish I could ask the Takaos and all four Mogamis for that matter) and had decimated the crap out of what was left of Exeter's unit since she was screened and at that time, Exeter herself had been whacked and was heading to a base for repairs until these girls found her open... all I can say from that is "well... shit."


shipgirl wise, she's going to hate all four of them although De Ruyter will have special rage for Haguro. 


game-wise, I'm actually expecting York to be either Myoko and Pensacola's tier 7 colleague or be a tier 6 cruiser unless there were design studies to make her hax much like the Montana has her assumed BB-65-2 design study.


that is all.

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This feels a lot like something I'd see in "Bada$$ of the Week". +1 though.

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The Exeter had six 8 inch guns, four forward, two aft.

The battle with the Graf Spee you referred to is usually known as the Battle of the River Plate (Anglicisation of Rio de la Plata). Upon sighting the Graf Spee, the cruisers split up, Exeter steaming in one direction, Ajax and Achilles (Leander class, 8 six inch guns each) steaming in the other, so that the Germans would either have to divide their fire or concentrate on one ship while taking fire from the others. It was a tactic that kind of worked, but resulted in the Exeter being shot up badly, as you said.

The misinformation plan that followed the Graf Spee's withdrawal into neutral waters had the Germans believing that a large force, including capital ships, was awaiting Graf Spee when she was to leave Montevideo harbour, as under neutrality laws she could only stay there for 72 hours. 

However, even if the Germans had known the truth about what was really awaiting them (two damaged light cruisers and HMS Cumberland, a County class heavy) it is still likely that Langsdorf would have scuttled the Graf Spee, as her fuel system had been badly damaged and he had not had time to make proper repairs. 

How do I know this stuff? Way way back in my childhood (we're talking serious numbers of decades here) my brothers and I owned 1/1200 waterline scale models of the British cruisers involved, made by a company called Eagle. We played with them lots, and read up on navy history and stuff. And here in NZ, the Achilles is remembered as a Kiwi ship, as it was crewed almost entirely by New Zealanders and became one of the first ships in the RNZN when it was formed.


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