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AALG's Thirteenth WoWS video - St. Louis - The Gun Porcupine

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If you managed to play during the first Rock-Paper-Scissors event during the Closed Beta phase, you might remember the infographics which was posted after that open for all event. The St. Louis tier 3 USN Cruiser, affectionately called "The Gun Porcupine" due to the amount of guns and thus amount of steel it could hurl towards targets, was the most played cruiser during that event.


A lot of things has happened since those days, nerfs, buffs and changes in shell effects, but make no mistake - the St. Louis is still the "Gun Porcupine" which can hurl a lot of pain towards targets. Just remember to use the appropriate ammunition depending on target, range, aspect etc, and you will be the terror of the enemy.


This battle ended up with 5 kills, including  the newly introduced Mikasa IJN battleship, and other protected cruisers like the St. Louis and the Aurora. A total of 3123 XP earned, with over 80.000 HP of damage dealt  - Don't discount the St. Louis, if you face it - its rate of fire and 203 mm guns is a force to reckon with, even after the changes made since the Rock-Paper-Scissors weekend.

As usual, avaliable in 1080p HD for the full gory details, and includes the complete after battle report at the end.

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