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Public Test #2 Feedback

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I have had a cursory look around and canot find a thread with this title, so I thought I'd post one. After all, it is a test, and I suppose the purpose of running it is to find out how well it works, and part of that is, surely, finding out what players think of it.


I'll kick off by saying that the RU server is a bit laggy at times - manifested by a few moments of stop-start ship movement -  but overall is working well. The waiting times to join a battle seemed to be a bit longer, but the longest I've had to wait is a little over three minutes, which is acceptable in my opinion.


I like the new maps, and the greater landscape detail. The frozen north maps have heaps of cover in the form of islands and icebergs, and are a destroyer captain's dream.


I realise that the rapid accumulation of exp and credits is so we can get up the tiers quickly so we can experience match-made battles, but I for one am enjoying not having to grind my way to the upper tiers. Being a bit more generous with the XP and credits in the main game would probably enhance everyone's game-play.


I'm sure there's stuff I've missed - problems, niggles etc - so feel free to wade in and blast away!


Edit: O well, since no one's bothering, I'll just note things here as I see them. Ranked domination battles are too short. The team that notches up 800 points wins, which makes it almost completely impossible to come from behind. I've been in a number of battles where one team has had the most ships, has th winning hand, but loses because the other team has secured an early advantage and just has to survive to get the victory.


Edit 2: The .ru server is not nearly as popular as the normal WOWS Asia server. Gave up on Ranked Battles last night because the numbers of people waiting for one were derisory - waited over five minutes and still less than ten players in the queue. However, ranked battles when they occur are really good - it is fiendishly difficult to win one, as the player is matched against people with the same or better skill levels. 


Looking forward to the third test.


Edit: 3rd test up and limping. I would have thought that there'd be loads of people wanting to take part, as players move so quickly through the tiers that it's easy to get a tier X ship, but the last two times I've been on I've struggled to get any kind of battle, let alone match made ones. I queued for 11 minutes for a match made, only to have most of the players who were waiting drop out. It's around 4 in the afternoon here, which means it's morning or noon on Saturday morning throughout most of the Asia/Pacific region. Clearly you're all far too active on a Saturday morning, as very few of you are glued to your screens!



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