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"Unable to extract updates" error

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[This is a copy-paste from Bug Reports forum, if you're a mod, plz help move the topic w/ same title and delete this!]


Guys, this error has been persisting. I know that this has been seen numerous times, but sadly, the first 0.4 public test was not enough to fix it.


I have this error again. You may see the picture:

Untitled.png (P.S. It's quite small, pic is attached.)

 I have tried to install the public test for 0.4.1, however the installer downloads it, starts extracting it, and at around 84+% it says "Unable to extract updates". I have confirmed that the issue does not lie with my firewall or AV (antivirus). I have also run the program as administrator, and disabled the torrents. However, these all do not work. I have closely examined the logs and conclusively attributed this error to this file:

 E:\Games or related\World of Warships\World of Warships PublicTest game files\UpdatesData\temp\AGT024_21in_MK14_Torpedo_Tubes_Quad_dead_lod1.model.b85567bf.temp


Now that I know the file, I should be able to get it from the WoWS main server installation, correct? Nope. I copied it over. Still dosen't work. Someone, please help!


*For some reason, WoWS does not allow logs. Here's the log link. Click here to view.


[Edit: Just realised something: In the Block Quote, around the back (before .temp) there is a string of alphanumerical letters. Those are random - maybe that can help. ]


Duplicate thread - please do not make multiple threads on the same subject and copy/paste them to different sections of the forum. Thread locked, user already warned.


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