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AALG's Twelfth WoWS video - Iwaki Alpha - Say Hello to my little fish...

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If you were an Alphatester, you received the Iwaki Alpha as a reward, if you qualified for the amount of battles needed, when World of Warships went into the Closed Beta phase.


The Iwaki Alpha is a Tier 4 cruiser, a planned deriative of the Tenryu class of IJN Light cruisers, which have the ability to use smokescreens (although of a shorter duration than Destroyers), a decent range on its guns, 2 set of torpedolaunchers, firing 4 torps each with a range of 10 km, and fair selfprotection AA capability for its tier. It was never actually built, but the several of the design decisions in the plans, was used in the Kuma class of light cruisers.


It excels as a Destroyer hunter, and due to its 10 km range torpedos, is also a high threat for other cruisers and battleships. 

Its one of the ships in the game, I am happy to keep, both for the e-peen of showing that I was in the Alphatest, as well as its ability and funfactor in play. 

This battle, ended up with 5 kills, including a battleship, 2 destroyers, and 2 cruisers, with a total of 3824 XP earned, and over 80.000 hp damage dealt. Pretty good for a tier 4 cruiser.


As usual, available in 1080p HD for the full gory details, and includes the full After Battle Report at the end.



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I wanted that ship but was on night shift at the time of my alpha, couldn't play as alpha ran in my shift, then on weekend they had that 'rock/paper/sissor thing, then was on surf trip when they said you just had to write down it's name.

oh well, :(

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