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Atlanta and Cleveland's Shell velocity way too slow

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To engage the target at their max range, Shells flying time is 13 seconds for the Atlanta and 17 seconds for the Cleveland. in other word, you have to predict enemy's move for the next 13s /17s. Unless your enemy is a noob who usually sail in straight line, otherwise the hit ratio is very low.




we can get close up to ~10 kms range, the Cleveland might be fine but the Atlanta at medium to close range, opponents will eat you for breakfast due to thin armour and low HP.


I suggest a buff to their shells velocity to make it more enjoyable at further range, and nerf the accuracy to balance out.

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You just posted the same thing in Chinese forum.


For the 6 inch guns on the Cleveland, You obviously had never played the Cleveland in CBT :popcorn:

You will understand why they changed it to the way it is now if you had witness her Destructive power in CBT.


Also, USN 5 inch gun are always like that - Same guns as the USN DD. High Arc and Slow Velocity.


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Wouldn't you rather have the shell velocity slow and the accuracy high, rather than the shell velocity fast and the accuracy low?


The former fosters skillful play; a skilled player can predict enemy movements and adjust their aim accordingly. The latter, however, adds more RNG to the game. Why make the game more of a slot machine, driven by luck rather than skill?

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