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Expanding Co-Op Battles to Proper PvE Mode

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Hello everyone,


Since the game went into Open Beta, there are more and more people becoming frustrated with the Constant Losing Streak in PvP Random Battles. In the Current build, there is primarily only 2 modes available to us to play - Will become 3 in 4.1 - Although it is still extremely lacking.


Other than that, Co-Op Battles (i.e. Players vs Bots) are the only other mode for us to play - However it gives a lot less XP and Credits, although it is not as competitive and is the game mode of choice for people just want to chill and relax like myself. Nobody like to lose, and in a Co-Op battle unless your team are really that bad, you will rarely get frustrated in this mode. However, it is undoubtedly that it gets boring quite quickly as well. Think about it, you need at least twice as much time to grind to the next ship - As if the Grind in PvP is very quick already. Getting 500 XP Per Battle is understandable for a less serious mode, but it really lack variation in the process.


And this is what I proposed Long Long Long Long ago - Proper PvE Modes.


World of Tanks Once introduced Historical Battles - But it resulted in a failure - Which is just as expected. Who will want to play against a Tiger II in a Stock T-34 1941 that had 98mm of Penetration? Everyone will want to be the "Kick-A__" tank. And WG is well aware of that and remove the mode very quickly.


But here in World of Warship it's a different story. Firstly, there are so much Historical Naval Battles in Modern History.

Who don't want to be the Hood and Reverse it's fate? Who don't want to be the USS Enterprise and repeat the Glory she had achieved? If you are a IJN fanboi, Reverse the History of Midway if you can? If you are German Navy enthusiast, Take the Mighty Bismarck to destruct the Fleet of Great Britain? 


Unlike in tanks, the potential here for Historical Battles is Incredible - AND more importantly they are Much Much more Attractive than using a Panzer III shooting at an IS.

And this is what a Proper PvE mode can be based and kicked-started on and relatively easily compare to a Completely new mode - Historical Battles.


I have been playing the "Rootbear" game for a while now, and I loved the model there. It involved Missions that may require you to defend 3 points, Or Attack a Certain point - While there are some side objective to increase the reward too. This is also applicable to here.


Say the scenario is you are the RN trying to hunt down the Bismarck - Your Primary objective is obviously, Kill the Bismarck - and the side objectives can be Use a Torpedo squadron to damage it (Simulate how the Swordfish damaged her Rudder). Or May be the Reverse? You are the Bismarck and the Prince Eugene - Your objective is to destruct the Fleet coming after you and escape safely - while the Side Objective become To sink the Hood in under 5 salvo (To simulate the Destruction of Hood).


These are just thought coming straight outta my mind - and there is much much more to be developed and explore.


Now, there are somethings needed to be addressed first:


- Maps:

This is the easy part - You really don't need to develop a whole new map for it. Many naval battles involve just an Blue Ocean - And You guess it - We have a "Ocean" Map!

And even it involve land-based Position, I believe the devs and make use of the current maps and slightly modify it to fit the scenario - Or even just use it directly - After all the Ships and the Story are all that matters. I don't think this is a big issue.


- Setup and Requirement:

Many ships in these battles may involve Higher Tier ships - Say Battle of Midway involved the Yorktown and the Enterprise (Which BTW, hope they won't be a Premium) - which will probably be a Tier 8 considering they strength. Akagi and here sister ships are all at least Tier 7+ ships - So how can newer players get to try these missions too?


I Suggest that WG can learn from the "Tank/Air Game" Made by the "Snail" - By "Events".

You don't need to have an Bismarck or a Hood or a Prince of Wales to participate in the Battle - However you cannot choose your ship if that is the case. The People that Own the ships required will have a priority to be "Their" ship in the Battle. It can ensure the people new to the game still had a chance to try out these Epic Battles while learning in the process; As for the Veterans, it is a Fun mode and Relaxing to chill in these battles while still earning some rewards.


- Rewards

Speaking of Rewards, playing against Bots is obviously a bit easier than playing against other players, And I definitely understand why the Current Co-Op earn much less rewards - but I think in these Events, there can be Unique rewards, Medals after you finish these missions.


These battles' rewards can be more or less on par with the current Co-Op battles, but wouldn't it be really cool if they give us some interesting cool stuff, say after finishing it 5-10 times? Or for performing superbly consistently?

Signal Flags, Unique Camo, Premium time (A day or so, fair enough I'd say?) are all good ways to encourage people to play it outside of PvP or Co-Op.


Also, Tweaking the Difficulty is a possible option as well. Maybe there will be Easy, Average and Hard?

May be Finishing hard certain amount of times will give you Huge rewards like a Limited Time Premium ship? Or even a Permanent one?

Rewards can also differ from various difficulty.


Overall, I think PvE is definitely worth a try for World of Warship considering there are already a good basis for it.

Not only it adds variation to game modes and the occasionally Frustrating and Dull PvP Random Battles, it may also attracts new players that are interested in these kind of stories/PvE mode. It could really add a New Dimension to WG's Game which had Heavily focused on PvP elements only.


You look at other MMOs, Most of them involve Both PvP and PvE mode for players to explore and enjoy - Being a Powerhouse in the Online Gaming Industry, How can WG miss out on such important feature - Especially they already had such a Good basis for it? Even Big Boss Victor admitted that they need something between PvP and Clan Wars for the Casual, Solo Players - and This is a Great way to for such audience. It's mutually beneficial - WG can attract a New type of customer to their game to expand on their already Massive playerbase - While the Gamers like us get to try out something Relaxing yet Satisfying to play.


This is pretty much it. Hope WG don't waste this opportunity.:honoring:


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p.s.: I did proposed this thing too


anyways +1 for u

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Sure why not I wanna play the battle of guada canal.... Especially the night battles



Like Kirishima vs USS Washington eh?

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