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My opinion on another DD line lel

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This is just for the fun and sharing my thoughts

you could read or just press the back button and leave if you aren't interested.


i went to Wikipedia and did some research because my body clock is just so messed up i can't sleep and i don't feel like grinding tonight so why not just make a list of potential second Line of DD 



Anyways another thing , i don't have the patience to look over the armaments of all the ships i chosen over the current DD line and my head is actually sort of mess up as the tier of IJN ships actually fly up and down


anyways another thing i m only doing IJN because i'm interested in it lel~~~

and will do other ship types if i get quite some views maybe 25 people (lol i dont expect much)

Anyways lets start...

what we have 2nd DD line
Umikaze Sakura(1912)
Wakatake Kaba(1915)
Isokaze Enoki(1918)
Minekaze Kawakaze(1918)
Mutsuki KamiKaze(1921)
Hatshkaru Akatsuki(1931)
Fubuki Shiratsuyu(1933)
Kagero Asahio(1939)
Shimakaze Yugumo(1941)

Why i select the class above?

I know Yugumo is just a slightly better Kagero but Matsu class just doesn't have much torp so i didn't put it there ( im an AsS)


Asahio was perceded from Shiratsuyu(to much for me to read to break down XD please dont hate me)


Shiratsuyu is a slightly modified Hatsuharu


here is the confusion that mess me alot

Why is Akatsuki tier 7? [ akatsuki class is same as fubuki(tier 8) reality~]

so we have a tier 7 with same stats as tier 8

well akatsuki is perceded from Fubuki and

succeeded by hatsuharu

at this point i don't bother 

and when reading into Kagero class in the game , Akatsuki is mentioned so probably tier 9 but whatever we have better tier 9 ~


Kamikaze class (1921) tier 6

why i mention 1921 because there is 2 different type of kamikaze one is 1921 and another is 1905

and YES I MESSED UP when i'm doing the tier placing!

^ i face palm lel

Kamikaze class is identical with minekaze so i dump it there but with a better gun *shrugs* i can't find a better tier 6 IM SORRY ;_;


Kawakaze tier 5

It's a follow up of Isokaze so i put it at tier 5


.... man i think i'm horrible at doing this <- side comment on this while doing this =P for the fun of it / to express my feelings here


Enoki tier 4

I choose Enoki because during the time period i can't find other classes that suit this tier Sorry....

it's suceeded by Kawakaze <- reason


Kaba tier 3

Nothing much here im sorry

more torps compare to sakura class (only) but the rest are same lel

Sakura tier 2

even its perceded from Umikaze

it just have lesser armament than the umikaze (reality)


tier 1? what NO there isnt any 


here is the list of destroyer classes and the years ( Laid/Commissioned idc)

Ikazuchi 1899
Murakumo 1898
Akatsuki 1901
Shirakumo 1902
Harusame 1903
Kamikaze 1905
Umikaze 1911
Sakura 1912
Urakaze 1913
Kaba 1915
Isokaze 1916
Momo 1916
Enoki 1918
Kawakaze 1918
Momi 1919
Minekaze 1919
Wakatake 1920
Kamikaze 1921
Mutsuki 1924
Fubuki 1928
Hatsuharu 1933
Shiratsuyu 1933
Asahio 1939
Yugumo 1941
Matsu 1944
Shimakaze 1943
Extra oops  

The shimakaze wasn't succeeded from any ship class it's a stand alone

Just saying again if you dislike, just remember this is personal opinion i want to share that's all


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