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RIP, Tier 9-10 U.S. BB

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Haku is getting 2-3-3 loadout and taiho 2-3-2 which mean that now not only they can overwhelm the U.S. Fighters they can actually intercept the torpedo bombers. I am just not going to bother to persuade any one that the IJN fighters will always win now 8vs6 and they will be able to attack from both directions due to the new attack sequence just use common sense. The anime and kantai fan boys have finally got what they wanted. I would like to honour all of the U.S. CV captains, you guys are legend compare to most of the IJN captains just spamming planes. Although I will admit that I am only a mediocre US CV captains I am proud that I have took on the challenge of using underpowered CV and becoming the guardian angel for my team mates and carry the team to victory. I will never ever tough a IJN CV because they are just too easy to play from tier 6 and beyond it is shameful for me to take the easy route as it is extremely shameful for my self. Congratulations to all the legendary US CV captains and you will always have my respect o7


Thread locked. Duplicate posting.


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Who gives a nano cake?

Its high tiers, they wont be balanced anytime soon.


If you are looking for (somewhat) balanced content try not to go above tier V.

Otherwise you will have to "deal with it", WG wont bother with balancing high tiers before the mid tiers are balanced.

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