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Flags from the Premium shop.

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What is everyone's opinion of the new bundles that include flags?

Are the benefits from flags worth $ or will it be better to wait until they can be purchased with credits....

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Flags aren't likely to be purchasable with credits, but are already capable of being earned in-game.

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Personally, I don't think the signal flags are worth US$1.35. Now, I know that the shop page calls them "bonuses", but I've worked out that on a shekel-by-shekel basis you can get a much better deal buying the other packages, and ignore the signal flags (which are so few in number anyway within the packages, it's not even worth it).

[hand rubbing intensifies]

The Weekend Booster #1 package costs US$8.78. Now, if you make a calculation for the equivalent value of doubloons and premium time, it turns out that you're paying US$1.35 extra.


  • 1500 doubloons is worth US$6.70, if you use the $0.0045/1 doubloon ratio that you get with the 1250 doubloon package which costs US$5.59
  • 2 days worth of premium is worth US$0.73, if you use the $0.363/day ratio that you get with the 30 day premium package which costs US$10.89

This means that of the components of the Weekend Booster #1 package that have "definite value", these components have a total equivalent value of US$7.43. Subtracted from the package cost of US$8.78, it is then determined that the value of the x15 Zulu and x10 ESCL flags would be US$1.35. For clarity's sake, this is equivalent to AU$1.85, SG$1.89, HK$10.47, TW$43.51, JP¥169, and CN¥8.53.

Now, think about this. Are the 25 signal flags that you get from the package really worth US$1.35? For starters, there's so few of them—you can churn through 10 ESCL flags very quickly, ten flags can't even last a night's worth of gaming if you wish to go "all out" with the EXP multipliers. For long term investments into flags (without farming them in battle), you'd probably need to buy the package 3 or 4 times, however this further increases the cost. Not to mention, that on a good game, you can instantly earn 10 ESCL flags once you get the Confederate award.


In addition, consider this. One day of premium costs US$0.363, and grants you a flat x1.5 multiplier bonus to your EXP for a whole entire day. If you enter 10 battles during this day, all 10 of those battles have x1.5 EXP. Meanwhile, each individual ESCL flag can only be used once, and 10 ESCL flags cost roughly US$0.54 based on the package. It makes more sense financially to buy premium time and then grind repeatedly, than to bother with purchasing the flags. Not to mention, premium time covers both EXP and credit gain increases, while the ESCL flag only gives a x1.5 multiplier to EXP. In order to get the same effect as premium time, you would need to use two separate types of flags at the same time.

Personally, I'd rather buy the doubloons and premium time separately from other packages, and completely ignore the signal flags. It's just not worth it.


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