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Anti-air DPS Spreadsheet

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(Not sure is this the right section for it though)


This is a simple spreadsheet I made as a reference to compare various ships' AA capabilities.

Format is simple:

- Column 1 is AA Gun DPS: Long range/Medium range/Short range.

- Column 2 is AA Gun range: Long range/Medium range/Short range.


Note that some ships might not have all 3 categories (such as later IJN vessels which tend to lack short range AA guns).

Also, AA DPS stats are cumulative, which means AA DPS at shorter range is combined by longer range AA, to depict the real average DPS enemy planes take as they cross into different AA gun range.




P.S: I might have made small mistakes, feel free to comment so I can fix, thankyou. :hiding:

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Sum it with Any AA gun does not have any blind spot,

The AA gun at the port or left side can damage the planes at the starboard or the right side

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