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Voice Acting (Vocals) & Script

Are the current vocals and scripting satsfactory?  

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  1. 1. Are you satisfied with the current Vocals and Scripting WoWS?

    • I'm not too fussed about the way people sound and what they say.
    • I have not listend to how the vocals sound but the scripting could use a little change.
    • I have not noticed any thing wrong with the scripting but the way they sound is a little off
    • The vocals do seem a little off as well as the scripting feels a little out of place

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I have noticed while playing this game that the Voice Acting, notably the Vocals; seem to be too 'mechanical', as if you were listening to an android or some such which I feel to be far too futuristic for the setting and mood of this game. Try using a static-y radio effect to the vocals or use a speaking tube (probably not as the higher tier ships would be using in-ship radio comms) or get a sound recording of some one inside a boat house for a more natural sound.


The vocals are just for mood and ambiance, however the script is what niggles me, for example; when setting way points (plotting a chart) you get to hear, "Auto Pilot Engaged Sir!" or something to that effect. Please correct this, as sophisticated piloting computers have not been invented in those times, and it is some thing you would hear on a jet plane or at NASA. Try scripting some thing like; "Charted Course, Plotted And Laid in Sir!" or  "Navigational Course Plotted And Ready Sir" or some thing to that effect. Also referring course markers as way-points is a little annoying, but for the average player I can understand the use of the term for the ease of reference.


Just a couple of little silly things that I believe would bring out a stronger naval feel about the game. 

Thanks to any and all who took the time to read this as I hope it may help the game in the future.

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