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strange discussions: competitive play concepts

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Well... just me derping around again but why not? sorry for the wall-o-text though and I hope I didn't bore your eyes hard enough.


I did an initial line for clan wars a few while back but there's the whole aspect of highly competitive people that may or may not long for a thing like WoT's team battle or wanting to go e-games with this game. now I know its still being polished and stuff and the RUdevs are busy(?) trying to un-derp any anomalies that remain but why not? and please don't say that "it ain't gonna work hurr durr this is not competitive play worthy lol" since this is just a concept and its kinda prone to derp in itself. its not like the RUdevs will come all the way here in ASIA forum just to voice out their interest in it. this is just for the aspect of team battle style like in tonks but its going to be strange to have inputs here considered in esports grade.


well... currently, the bawks set for a typical match would be (correct me if I'm wrong in the Domination Mode part:


POP CAP (population capacity) - 12

SHIP CAP - carriers limited to two per team

TIME - 20:00


  • POINT VICTORY - 1000
  • POINT LOSS - 0
  • SECTORS - depends on map. largest seen in CBT is A, B, C, D, E in Islands of Ice
    • carrier - 90
    • battleship - 90
    • cruiser - 60
    • destroyer -40

SHIP AVAILABILITY - depends on the MM

MAP LOCATION - depends on the MM


more or less its kinda that. encounter don't matter since all it does is have one unoccupied point and either you blast the enemy batlegroup to oblivion or cap. now the question would be how would you mess with the defaults for the game to try and make a wonky competitive play? variables you take into consideration would be:


  • the match is basically chess in a form: the opening, the mid-game and the endgame so moves MUST be planned early
  • the opening phase of said "chess in a form" will take 3-5 minutes and this is taking into account ships that can cruise 30+ knots
  • the speed of the match. some people are complaining 20 minutes is not long enough
  • map location suitable enough for competitive play and team tactics
  • tier cap


Domination's a bit of an issue as there are a crapton of factors in play. I can't really pinpoint them but there's somewhere there that I really wanted to throw a wrench at.


what I can make a small foundation of in regards to competitive play (in all honesty, I'm an incredibad so I can only watch skilled people slug skilled people and not be part of those skilled people. mock me if you wish) can be popped up to this:


POP CAP - actually, I leave the pop cap to you guys. I feel that 9 is a suitable amount

SHIP CAP - carrier limit of 2. in order to not be like the WoT esport style where lights dominated the scene in rapid action, suggestion of destroyer limit. I doubt anyone would field an all-battleship unit and expect to win though.

TIME - 20:00


  • POINT LOSS - 0
  • SECTORS - only two in a map which is A and B. adding more will stretch the small team thin


  • carrier - aww hell, nobody's going to want the tier 6 light carriers and tier 7 fleet carriers
  • battleship - tier 5 to 8
  • cruiser - tier 6 onwards. discuss the potential of having tier X cruisers within competitive play please. I am absolutely stumped at how they can influence a game
  • destroyer - tier 8 cap. I would love it to have tier 9 but the destroyers at that tier are already scary, are they not? and I get this feeling most will go to Japan's destroyers because ERMAGHERD TERPERDER

FIRST MAP EACH RUN - Ocean. nuff said. the phrase "to test the waters" is quite fitting here. the maps onwards shall be selected manually but the deep blue sea must be the first map to be the place they fight to see how lulzy it happens


I highly suggest they put something akin to assault mode though but the map must adapt to it as well.


random babbling is over so feel free to mock my wonky and derpy concept for competitive play.



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