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General Troubleshooting Guide - Please read before posting

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What to do if you get an error message before the game launches properly

1. Check to see if you're running the game in Administrator mode - preferably, you should.

2. Delete preferences.xml if it is present in the game folder, and ensure that paths.xml is routing to the correct folders.

3. Check if all your graphics drivers are up to date. Make sure any anti-aliasing done by your graphics card utilities are turned off.

4. Check to see if your DirectX is up to date. World of Warships specifically requires the use of DirectX 9, so ensure you have it installed and up to date. Link. 

5. Check to see if your Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable is up to date - this is a common reason for most failures to launch the game. Link.

6. Check to makes sure your system requirements meets or exceeds the minimum requirements listed here.

7. If all the above are done, you can troubleshoot by navigating to your event viewer (Start menu, Event Viewer) and finding out exactly what caused World of Warships to crash.

8. If the problem persists, open up a ticket with Customer Support. Providing more information (such as your dxdiag.exe readout and the reason for crash) allows people of the forums to help you more efficiently.


What to do if you get a "Failed to Connect" message at the login screen

1. Check to see if the server is up in the first place - it can be see on the right side of the screen at the World of Warships web portal.

2. Check to see if you're running the right client. The server dropdown should read WOWS Asia. If it doesn't you're running a different client, and it is strongly recommended that you download the Asia client and have it installed in a separate game folder.

3. Delete and re-type in your login details (Login ID/email and password).

4. If the server is up and you are sure that you have completed steps 2 and 3, check to see if your Antivirus, Firewall, or Modem/Router are preventing you from connecting to the game server. This is a common point where players fail to connect to the server. This might require a modem/router restart, your antivirus to be reinstalled, or the game to be manually unblocked.

5. If you still fail to connect after accomplishing all the following listed steps, file a ticket with Customer Support. Include as much information as you can in a report, including your dxdiag.exe readout and what antivirus and connection you're running. Check out the Lag Issues post as well.


What to do if the premium purchase is not showing up in your World of Warships account

1. Check to make sure that you made your purchase on the Asia premium store. You can do so by checking the receipt that is sent to your email is signed off with "Best regards, Wargaming.net Premium Shop Team, https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/".

2. If it is signed off by the Asia premium shop team and your premium shop purchase has not appeared after 24 hours, file a ticket with Asia customer support.

3. If you have accidentally purchased the premium items on another server, contact that respective server's Customer Support ASAP - EU Customer support for an EU purchase, and NA customer support for a NA purchase. If you have not used the premium purchase, you might be entitled to a refund. 


For Gameplay Bugs and Issues

1. Search the forums to see if the issue you've reported has been reported before making a thread.

2. If it hasn't, or was reported a long time ago, make a new thread and follow the Bug Report format

3. Please do not flag a bug as game-breaking unless it is literally making the game physically unplayable - e.g. causing crashes or freezes.

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