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Selective Gun Firing

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FIRST: I understand that this might make the game more complicated but its just a suggestion

(Imagine a Cleveland)

Now if I would like to hit a Furutaka with Gun Turrets 1 and 2, and hit a Wyoming with Gun turrets 3 and 4 there can be a system to engage One and Two on the Furutaka and locks Three and Four in their position and after I fire I can switch to Three and Four and hit the Wyoming. This might be effective in Battleships when you have multiple enemies(One in front and One at the back) I can engage both using my guns at full potential.

How it might work:

I press the key "H" on my keyboard and I click it gives me a layout of my ship in Up Down view and I click Turret 1 and Turret 2 activating them only while locking turrets three and four when I press H again I go into normal view. Then I fire and I press H again and click One and Two deactivating them and then clicking three and four reactivating them. You can have a shortcut to activate all turrets and this shortcut can only be used in H mode(or when the layouts are shown).





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Great idea

Already suggested back when it was CBT

Too complicated

Too much micromanagement

Should be optional in control setting

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It depends on how much complexity WG wants to their game. Personally I think it won't make it, even something simpler such as manually controlling spotter aircraft idea got scrapped.


Which is bullshit, need something to counter the 1v0 carrier MM were they use the fighters to just spot all day.

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