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My Fuso experience

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Ok OK, first battle today in it.


It's the tier 6 IJN BB. First let's recap what the Kongo was like: Speed approx 27 knots, salvo 6 or 8 shots I can't remember, accuracy of salvo very good, upgraded hull gets spotter plane, range with spotter plane approx 21kms, AA guns rated 26 I think with upgrade.


Stock Fuso: Speed 21 knots, salvo 10 or 12 I can't remember, it's not exactly a good point for the warship, accuracy of salvo shots spread very wide, no spotter plane, range approx 14kms, AA guns rated 2.


So the battle starts, I very slowly and cautiously (knowing I am out ranged by literally everything), manouvre around. 4 enemy ships are dead and I've seen 2 dd's, out of my range by about 4-5kms. The enemy team has a tier 7 and tier 6 CV, so I know I'm in trouble if they go for me.


From somewhere in front of me to my starboard side, a salvo comes flying through the air, 2 shots hit me. Something well out of range and invisible...


I tack NW, to see a cruiser and DD ahead but still out of range by 2kms. They are firing on me, I take the hits easily.


Suddenly 3 enemy torpedo squadrons and 3 dive bomber squadrons are diving on me, and my pom pom AA gun fires once, waits ten seconds then fires again, doing SFA.

I turn and try to zig zag to avoid dive bombers, rudder is very slow, the fish are in the water, coming at me, maybe ten, in an unavoidable pattern of OPness.


I grit my teeth and brace for impact, the first torpedo hits. My entire ship detonates. I die.





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Fully upgraded Fusou is good along with the accuracy module, reload rate is pretty decent (in my CBT experience) watch your AP's or HE's do considerable amount of damage or Citadel hits (you could earn 3 or more citadel hits with it)


but yea, the speed is a bit slow for me esp when shifting from Kongou to Fusou..


Just free exp your way out of the stock hull lol~ :D

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I killed a fuso with one torpedo from a torp bomber the other day.  It did 45k damage.  I wonder if it was you.

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