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Adding players/ and competitive division slots

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Hey there,

It's easy to find people but when you adding a contact to the wows client, the request will not go to the target person 

to accept from their end. so we need to add from both side each other, ***My request is fix this to one person adding from their end and invitation should pop up from the target contact to accept the invitation.



we love the game even tho it's in beta.and it would be a competitive among the friends you have in the contacts if we could see their "PROFILE". its like what's their levels and how ships they got so far and the information.
(and that prolly have to have an option to hide/unhide our profiles if we do not want others to see)


we know most of games are 5v5 or more than that, in my team there are heaps who want to play the game in the same division but we got only 3 slots available so far, got no clue if that you guys gonna put more slots in to it further on but still it should be really good we have a competitive mode to play like *Solo pub match and ** team match making option


i cannot imagine if we have 5v5 mode on and to play with 2 Destroyers, 1 Cruisers, 1 battleships , 1 air support 

Pirate, reporting for duty



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For number 2 - look at the top right hand of the forum page. You can see a dropdown and access your World of Warships profile on the website. This also allows you to see every other player's profile.


3-slot divisions are unlikely to change as grouped players are frequently too powerful for random matches. A competitive team-based mode may be added in the future, but no concrete announcements on that yet.

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I too would love his idea. I too stongly recomend 5v5 or 7v7 or 10v10.. May be some leagues edition. I would like it and onbehalf of we too im speaking. We cant play in the same server. Itz like our firend fell ignored by the team which is so not cool. 


Also the adding firends.. It totally looks creapy when some unknown person say hello. Making a way which we could recieve notificactions when some one send a request.. we just do not need to be added by random people around.

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