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README 1ST: Bug Report Format

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1. Description
Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details.

Aoba's catapult fighter will not launch.

2. Reproduction steps
A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug.

  1. Select the cruiser Aoba
  2. Enter the battle.
  3. Try to launch the scout.

3. Result
In-game experience resulting from the bug.

When you press the key to launch the catapult plane, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult.

4. Expected result
In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present.

The scout has to be launched by the catapult.


5. Technical details


Time of occurrence: about 19:30 (local time).

Replay (occurring at 08:10 timestamp).

Replay file, Python.log, DxDiag report attached.


Please make sure you include the python.log (from "...World of Warships/profile/" folder), your DxDiag report, and a screenshot of your Graphic settings (if applicable).

If the file sizes are too large, you can upload them on a 3rd party sharing site e.g. Google Drive for files and Imgur for images.



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