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Team Killing without reason

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This ID: [Content Redacted],

Came in yelling in public chat on how bb are worthless due to his last match. While all the other players are struggling since we don't have a cv and the other team does, this Player just started firing torps at our own bb including me. What's more, he felt good and was satisfied doing so. I agree there are lots of hard matches for everyone, anyone can get frustrated... but letting it out on your own teammate and insulting other players is not something you do.  I hope I got some people's attention, and if you're playing as a battleship while on [Content Redacted]'s team...beware of his torpedo if he's right next to you.


Naming and shaming. Post title edited, post edited, attachments edited, user warned.






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Please do not create topics for the express purpose of naming and shaming users.


An anti-TK system is present in the game, and will automatically flag repeat offenders, who are indicated by a pink name and take damage if they damage teammates. If you feel this player is deliberately being provocative, then you can file a ticket with Support at https://asia.wargaming.net/support/

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