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Suggestion for turret movement of all ships.

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I've always found it very odd that ships in game will travel with their turrets already pointed off one side of the ship even before any sort of enemy sighting and real naval vessels will never do that if only for the sake of fuel efficiency/balance/aerodynamics.


I am wondering if it would be possible to set up the turrets in a way that if the aiming reticule is out of a turret's possible firing arc that it will start realigning itself to centre/starting position?


I don't know what this will do to game balance though as this will possibly allow battleships specifically to have guns facing the right direction much faster.

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There's something similar in game already.


You can lock the guns at a Certain direction (Likely where you think you are going to encounter the enemy) by Pressing Ctrl and X.


If you want to lock them pointing at an area press Shift and X.

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This would make it harder for ships with long turret traverse speeds, as you don't want to be sailing broadside to the enemy team you will often only be able to use your forward facing turrets, then when you get a chance you swing the ship out and fire the rear turrets before turning back to how you were before for maximum survivability, if your turrets automatically traversed to the centre position then you would have to turn the ship for longer to fire them, thus increasing the time you are vulnerable as well as decreasing the effectiveness of your armour.


Example using ms paint:





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