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Firing lag 0.4.5

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I'm getting shells firing seconds after I click.  Since my ping is supposedly fine this is a different problem to the other, more general lag problems being reported.


It's most noticeable in a high RoF ship like the Atlanta.  The reticule can be green and I'm clicking frantically to no effect and then a few seconds later the gun goes off.  Before anyone says well that's just because you're turning it's not, because I've had it happen where I've stopped clicking (maybe because the enemy is now out of range or behind and island), and I'll get one or two bursts two to three seconds later.  It's absolutely unplayable, I've had 4 shells hit in two battles with it.


OTOH, I've had one battle in my New Mexico where I didn't notice any firing lag, so 0.4.5 has obviously broken something.  I might take my Cleveland out and see if I notice anything.


PS: Yes, it happened in my Cleveland.  Thanks for three unplayable losses, WG.

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