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auto steering rubbish

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auto steering is rubbish im sick of it turning me into islands

I line my self up to miss an island or go between the island and next thing I know it turns me into the island and I either hit it and stop dead in the water or I then have to correct the steering myself which stops me from firing my guns etc to worry about the steering and not hitting the dam island, so can u either get rid of it or make it so we can turn it off cuz it really is annoying. thanks



also im sick of torpedo bombers being about to drop their dam torpedos at the base or foot or the beach of the dam islands as well cuz no way in hell should a torpedo bomber fly over a island dive down like a dive bomber and then drop their torps so close to the island, and im taking right at the base where the land meets the water, they should have to drop them in open water not close to an island cuz on two brother the little gap in-between the islands, I have had torp bomber drop their torps east/west direction which should be impossible to do if anything they should only be able to drop them north/south between the islands please fix it

cuz torp bombers need to do a torpedo run and not just drop them so close to islands

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Don't worry, we all went through it.


For me the best setting is to have it on only when in binocs view. That's because it will alert you you're approaching land if you've taken your eyes off the map for a moment and are shooting.


Just a suggestion.

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