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Now can play the world of warships in mac now!

download link:https://files.wargaming.net/public.php?service=files&t=7f7122de06707b9ce826b56693dfda86

If you want to use the official wrapper but you play on the Asia then your gonna need to make one small tweak to it before you install the game - if you've already installed then game just go to your Documents folder and delete the World_of_Warships folder to "Uninstall" it.


  1. Right click the wrapper, select "Show Package Contents"
  2. Navigate to Contents/SharedSupport/worldofwarships/support/worldofwarships/drive_c/games/World_of_Warships
  3. Delete or Rename WoWsLauncher.cfg to something else (WoWsLauncher2.cfg for example)
  4. Download the proper cfg file for your server from here- If you don't trust me and would rather modify your own cfg file see below (if so then DON'T delete yours )
  5. Place the newly downloaded cfg file in where you just removed/renamed your old one from (replace yours with the new one you downloaded)
  6. Go to your documents folder and delete the World_of_Warships folder if you have one
  7. Run the wrapper, let it download the 4.5 gig update, play the game, sink ships, win.


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