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Does cruiser has auto-loading system?

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Does cruiser has auto-loading system or the navy in ww2 has very fast hands? the rof of cruisers are insanely fast even faster than tanks(with lower calibre) in wot

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well... to be fair, Des Moines (she was a postwar cruiser) had autoloaders because of the improved machinery the guns had but again still needed crew in the things so technically they are still kinda "loader assists" although I highly doubt the probability that cruisers are using single stage rounds at all.


heavy cruisers pack bigger rounds than most but if you regard them as floating artillery, then they load the same way as land pieces.


afaik, loading in a warship is this after the whole crunching of numbers by the guys at the gunplot:


- wait for round to come up to turret from magazine

- put it on the guide 'canal' or feed tray of sorts that leads to the breech

- rammer shoves it into breech

- the powder charge then drops from a chute and onto the guide canal and either you shove the things in yourself or the rammer does it

- breech closes and one gun is armed within the turret

- rinse and repeat until all guns in the turret are armed

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Everything in this game happens much faster than in real life, unless you want to spend a few hours sailing in the hopes of finding someone, and then another few hours shooting at them hoping to sink them, in which case you're playing the wrong game.

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Time is compressed in this game by x2.5. That's why things happen in WoWs quicker than rl.  


You can check in the after battle Detailed Report............................



The 'real' rof is double and a half the time you experience in game..... i.e game ship takes 10 secs, real ship takes 25 secs.


Hope this makes sense



edit... Just realized that any similarities between this game and rl are purely coincidental.


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