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Module clash BUG

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Um very new to the game, but i lvled 4 now, and um experiencing a bug since i play this game from the beginning.


when i goto Tech tree even to see what ships are there and when it come to see the module all the time i get to see things from the previous ship and/or huge lines kinda boxes,,


I play very high performance (i5,760sli,8gb) at 60fps


beside i play other games without any graphics issues (bf4,titanfall,COD:aw,dota2) very high and smooth.


i do not experience this issue all the time, if only i goto see the modules in the tree tech,


eg: *goto a match without going to see the module = no issues at all
*but going to see the module then get the issue to see the module as well as i start a match still there,

so every time i need to restart the game 



please help me to fix it






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turn off SLI - there are known issues with it at this stage of development

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