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Visual Suggestion - IJN Real Flag Kyokujitsuki (Rising sun)

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Hi all


As my topic states i believe that a visual update is in order to be a bit more accurate historically. All IJN forces where flying the rising sun flag instead of the well know sun flag. This can be seen in all photos of the IJN and also i point out our flag ship IJN Yamato that you can see flying the rising sun at her stern.


As i said  this is a suggestion  if you believe otherwise lets discuss it.


thank you

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Was this even on the bingo card, or did we forget it?


To cut things short, its not going to happen, but there are plenty of player mods that add it into the game. Note that posting screenshots of ships flying the modded flag to the forums is prohibited (or at least was some months ago). Its because the flag isnt well received in certain asian countries, most notably Korea (who apparently sent a petition to WG re the flag before alpha even came out). Similarly, the Nazi era Kriegsmarine will not be flying the swastika when they come out.

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Issue already explained as per Tanitha's announcement. The devs will not include the Rising Sun Flag in the game, however players are free to use mods to have it displayed in their clients.


Thread closed.

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