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US CV with Anti-Air setup is only good when

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1) There exists at least one enemy CV and 2) your teammates can defeat enemies with themselves.


I just want match making should match CVs. Without enemy CV, an US CV with AA setup feels really, really bad for being it. Fighters are just for spotting enemy DDs and... dives? They are just... a piece of flying shits.


I've recently got a Ranger with AA setup (two fighters and two dives). When I met enemy CV, its good since I am the counterpart for it. But in some games I am the only CV and I feel real bad for teammates. 


What I do when I am the only CV is : 


1. I route my dives to enemy BBs and fighters to spot DDs.

2. With first dive bomber squadron, I do attack an enemy BB and get some fires.

3. After confirming the fire extinguishes, then I do attack again with the second squadron.


And then? 


REPEAT THIS FOR 15 MINUTES and eventually kill ONE battleship whom I was focusing, causing 40,000 with direct bomb damage and 40,000 with fire damage + which was all handful, cautious manual dive bombing.


Simply, you just cannot kill enemy ships with dives only. I even feel fighters better than dives for spotting enemy DDs. (where IJN CV also can do and would be much better at attacking ships with their torps, though :/ )




This is what I feel when I found at the game start : 


Enemy CV           vs.    Ally US AA CV = good

No Enemy CV      vs.    No Ally CV = good

Enemy CV           vs.    No Ally CV = bad

Enemy US AA CV  vs.    No Ally CV = better

No Enemy CV      vs.    Ally US AA CV = worse


I just want match making should, at least, MATCH CVs.

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Paging Halken_Sky for USN CV advice. :teethhappy:


I agree that a AA focused USN CV isn't as viable as any IJN CV in a 1v0 CV but I guess thats the downside of being able to control or severely mitigate the damage/actions of an opposing IJN CV if you do happen to be matched up with one.


Also agree on fairer matchmaking when it comes to Carrier Match ups. 

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The best option when running a US CV with the AS module is to start a game with 1-2 division buddies and have comms with them, this let's you make use of the dive bombers to the full potential as you can comm each other when an enemy target used his "repair party" so your dive bombers can swoop down and do the 1min 30 seconds of burning.


However i would suggest you to run the stock loadout on most of the carriers, yes people will think i am crazy but I will be listing a few points here:


1. with the stock loadout you can practice for manual torpedo runs at lower tiers where it is not as punishing.


2. with only 1 fighter squad available the game forces you to learn the hard way, which is also good as lower tiers is not as punishing


3. at high tiers most US CV players convert to bomber modules as you still keep that 1 fighter squad, with the stock module practice you had from the low tiers you would have been ready.



Well that is all I am willing to teach this time round,hopefully there will be better US CV players out there.

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