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Tour of HMS Diamond & USS Chosin

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Alpha Tester
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I got to take my daughter on a tour of HMS Diamond air defence destroyer and USS Chosin heavy cruiser.

Here are the ships wiki links:



We got to go into the CIC of the Diamond but unfortunately, no pics allowed. It was like being on a starship.

My daughter has her USS Alabama hat while I got my USS Constellation.

The local radio station was there getting live interviews. The reporter asked my daughter what she wanted to see on the ships. Her reply was ..... "nuclear weapons". The reporters jaw almost hit the ground lol.


Hope you enjoy the pics:











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Alpha Tester
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Nuclear weapons.  lol.


Sometimes kids can say the most unpredictable things.


I hope she got to see them.

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Alpha Tester
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+1 lol too bad we don't get USN warships in NZ (nuclear free zone :P )


Theres more to it than that. It wasnt the propulsion we objected to (not many ships have nuclear propulsion anyway), it was the bombs. The States got their knickers in a twist, refused to tell us that there werent bombs on any of their ships ever and basically withdrew from their ANZUS obligations. Several decades later they were still denying our naval vessels entry into their navy docks, last time we went war gaming with them, the frigates wound up tied up at the Honolulu cruise ship terminal instead of Pearl:teethhappy:. Only just got their heads out of their asses a few years ago and realised that they may have over reacted.


That bomb comment though... Kids can be the best sometimes.

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