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Anti-Aircraft Cruiser Kumano

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Mogami-class Cruiser


Plans were made to convert Suzuya and Kumano into anti-aircraft cruisers during late 1942/early 1943. As on plan, Kumano main gun turrets will be replaced by 5 inch (12.7cm) Type 89 Dual Purpose guns on twin mounts, almost the same thing that they did to Isuzu. Thing is, that conversion didn't really happen but instead they installed a lot of 25mm Type 96s guns on her (single, twin, and triple mounts), and as of October 1944 Kumano had a total of 56 pieces of Type 96 guns aboard her. 


In the game, Kumano can be in-par with the Atlanta-class cruisers given the amount of 5 inch guns aboard her. Thing is, the type 89 had a rather slow turn rate. Type A turrets can only go for like 4-6 degrees per second although Type B turrets (the ones installed aboard the Matsu-classes) can have 16 degrees per second making the Type 89 really bad for AA duty. But given if this ship get its way in the game, her secondary guns might become part of her main turrets adding more broadside firepower as they were the same guns that the Mogami uses for large anti-aircraft artillery.






Page 177 of "The Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific War" by Mark E. Stille



  1.  Although Suzuya has plans to become an AA cruiser, she would only receive half of Kumano's AA suite removing only her rear guns but her forward 8 inch guns will be retained.


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On 7/23/2015 at 4:38 PM, Pocket_Fox said:

Yuss, she'd make a fine Atlanta-esque support ship.

really she is liike atlanta?? i really don't know about her



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