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USS William D. Porter (DD-579)

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thanks to Syanda for this.  seriously, this has got to be the more stranger thing I've read all day.


now of all the US destroyers in APAC, the Fletcher is one that you would associate for a destroyer. if someone asks for an example of a DD, the silhouette of the Fletcher is the most likely the one to pop up. in fact, some would say that it is THE most hax ship that had served in APAC. there is one Fletcher class that had its run of... well... bad luck, derp and a combination of both and she was the USS William D. Porter.




bad luck? she doesn't look like she's prone to it for a Fletcher though

orly? as she is a Fletcher class, she usually has the same crap the big sister has. had a displacement of about 2,000 tonnes, a max speed of 35 knots, five turrets packing single 5 inch (127mm) guns, some 40mm Bofors, a coupleof 20mm Oerlikons two torpedo tubes that can load up to five 21 inch torpedoes each and the depth charge launchers, a pair of racks and six projectors. that said, she's just one of the early Fletchers at 1943 for that matter but the problem is... well... the string of lulz that followed her wake.



wait, what in the world happened with her?

ya see, this ship almost tried to kill the then-POTUS Franklin Roosevelt. yup, ALMOST. FDR was on the Iowa battleship when this happened (fun fact: Iowa is the only battleship that had a tub. was a sound reason since she also had the honor to carry FDR and way I heard it, a bath tub helped him with his polio that's trolling his body, legs and health hard. guy was in a flippin wheelchair!) and the William Porter nearly accidentally the Iowa with a single torpedo. now who in the world accidentally's a freakin' torpedo of all things? the William D. Porter, that's what, although in her defense, the one who derped with the torpedoes armed the thing and remember, when a torpedo's safety cap is removed, mr. torpedo is not a ship's friend. I sometimes wish that idiots in the game remember this. now this happened at 1943 somewhere in the Atlantic when the destroyer linked up with the battleship to serve as her screen since by this time, the great "pin the depth charge on the u-boat" was still happening in the Atlantic although the anti-sub patrols were getting more potent, and even the mighty Iowa isnt exempt from torpedo strikes and this is adding to the fact FDR was on her and was heading to North Africa for the Tehran Conference.


before that, she was said to have an even earlier mishap of having her anchor and the cable deal a bit of damage when she was about to set off for the linkup when she was still in Norfolk. even moreso after the linkup that a depth charge suddenly went boom causing the Iowa and the rest to begin evasive maneuvers should a sub be nearby but strangely enough, there were no records of a depth charge suddenly falling overboard nor were subs detected off the scanners but the blame was kinda painted on this ship and there were records that she had experienced engine trouble that caused her to lag behind the formation until someone threw a monkey wrench into boiler #4 to scream "problem solved, sir!". at FDR's instigation, he wanted to see the AA suite of the Iowa if it was by then THE most hax AA suite ever crammed into a BB and the AA drill involved shooting balloons as a simulation although to the William Porter's positive influence, her AA suite managed to down a few heading her way as well. then came the moment of tru- I mean derp: TORPEDUS ECKSERSAYZIN'! was supposed to be have the tubes pointed at the battleship and clickin' to simulate a torpedo attack but in the William Porter's case... the tube that was supposed to just click suddenly let a torpedo go, a LIVE TORPEDO WITH AN ARMED WARHEAD... oopsie... and even saying 'oopsie' wouldn't cut it with THAT derp move. if I remember correctly, the Fletchers carried a Mark 15 torpedo and this Fletcher was no exception. the thing was powerful in its own right but here was the question for curious minds: what exactly WOULD happen when a US made torpedo made its way through the Iowa's hull? don't give me that flippin reason where "Iowa = bestest bottlesheep EVAR and torpedoes cant harm it" BS because a torpedo was made to give ships, ANY SHIP from the humble destroyer to the mighty battleship, the biggest middle finger ever! tried to warn the Iowa about a stray torpedo heading their way but since orders are orders about radio silence, gave the Iowa signal lights that when the receiving end got it, it said that the DD was going somewhere and did not mention any torpedo incoming whatsoever and only was the wake found (FDR was said to be looking at the edge of the ship and saw the small wake heading towards the ship. normally anyone seeing that, even in-game, will piss their pants and scream like little girls) that the ship maneuvered to evade it and the thing exploded behind the battleship's own wake.


after that 'tiny' incident, the Iowa had trained all their guns at the DD because on the battleship, the DD might have suffered a mutiny and should they have been an enemy, there was nothing stopping them from blowing the DD up and remember that 16 inch High Explosive High Capacity has this fun action on small warships that involves throwing a large semi truck into a destroyer for fun. at least FDR was forgiving enough to let the crew free because that was an accident due to someone NOT disarming the thing when it was just supposed to click at the ship, NOT fire a torpedo... but the devious in me still wishes to know what would a US made torpedo do to the Iowa of all the battleships in the world. had they been the experimental Mark 17's, God knows what might happen.



(note that this is the lead ship of her class)



Whoa.... that IS bad. how about her runs in combat?

well... a lot happened to her but she was YOLOSWAG'd by a kamikaze eventually but she had her share of runs before that happened. was one of the few that blasted a lone PT type boat since her TF swamped the thing (it disappeared off the radar meaning its gone), participated as a bombardment ship (note that 5 inch guns are still good for shore bombardment. while battleships may deliver the range, a DD is enough to blast medium grade defenses and suppression of the enemy although her range may bring her closer and potentially being zeroed in by shore batteries) and joined the Philippines campaign albeit a bit late as one of the destroyer screens that contributed to the AA defense and bombardment that eventually happened at night as the troops moved in with sub killing duties and escort at that time. she participated in Okinawa as shore bombardment and AA screen as well as her duties as minesweeper escort when the kamikaze piloting a Val YOLOSWAG'd right at the DD. now normally, at this time, the destroyer has already railed in an impressive aircraft kill tally but getting a kamikaze of all things is one thing entirely. unlike a normal plane thats not an attack plane, you'd normally stay away from ship AA suites but for a kamikaze, you YOLO right INTO the AA suite in the hopes of making a ship go boom... and the kamikaze nearly did exactly that. went near the ship's side, dived into the water and went boom but also lifted the large vessel off the water for a momentary while due to the blast of the kamikaze, whacked her power and started a couple of fires that even the damage control teams could not run about to contain. abandoned and left to sink since the situation could not be controlled anymore and had been struck from the navy register soon after.


this was one insane ship, I can tell you that much. the poor thing had her first tenure mixed with a tiny 'oops' and had it not for FDR being understanding, the crew would have been locked down. still... what happened at '43 was just derpy.



that is all.

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you forgot Willie D blasting an officer's BBQ party in the Aleutians with her 5"


also the first incident where her anchor trampled some stuff at the port and damaged her sister ship too xD

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